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10 Of The Craziest Backyards In The World

June 8, 2011 by Drew Andrew divider image


Home Office Zen

The Archipod “home office” designed by a UK company, going for $30,000 this insulated cedar shingled sphere comes equipped with a curved built-in desk and a skylight making it a great place to get your work or study on…or you know.  SEX!   If ordered, this little ball zen can be installed in your or your moms backyard in a matter of weeks. (Photo by:




One Florida couple, appearing on HGTV’s “My Yard Goes Disney” are life long Disney lovers. They had a few design specialists install train tracks and an 8-foot Mickey Mouse magician’s hat for their Magic Kingdom-themed train in the backyard. (Photo by: HGTV)



Saloon Theme Backyard

The Cowboy Day theme was built behind a garage, the saloon isn’t just a movie-set piece, it has as a working bar! The small 2 bedroom house sold for $700,000 in 2009. (Photo by:




Hollywood hills cinima

Overlooking Hollywood Hills is this decent backyard cinema designed by Famed architect Hagy Belzberg.  The massive screen is on the side of the 5,800 square foot home, the best part is the view. These days anyone can have a big screen home theater for under a few thousand dollars…but the view cost extra.

(Photo by: Hagy Belzburg via Curbed)




Backyard Hockey

Canadian’s love their Hockey. Backyards rinks is how Gretzky became Gretsky!  There’s actually a blog and an online community for the devoted culture of backyard rinks.
(Photo by:




Thailand Villa

This Thailand 5-bedroom vacation villa has a 256 foot double loop slide that you can access from in the house! Blank Check style!!!
(Photo by: via




Backyard BBQ show

This model was created as test kitchen for Sunset Magazine’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California. Perfect for a Outdoor cooking show or sex party.
(Photo by: Thomas J. Story)




Mini Fenway Field Backyard

This ball field was built to 1/4 scale of Boston’s Fenway park. The field has only been used for whiffle ball, not baseball.
(Photo by:



Backyard Train

Doug Drumheller built a miniature transportation system that spans about 1,500 feet and passes through bridges and tunnels!!! WooHoo!! He had a lot of space to work with in his wooded Albuquerque home. He built the kid-sized train from a milling machine.
(Photo by:




Tony Hawks Backyard level

Save the best for last! Tony Hawk has this 5000 square foot flowing practice rink in his backyard.  Just like levels from his games.
(Photo by: SITE Design)




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